Connect staff and pupil devices to your network easily

RM Connector allows students, staff and visitors who want to use their own Microsoft Windows devices within school to easily gain secure access to the Internet, printers and files without causing headaches for your network management team.

Staff and students are able to quickly navigate to their work in their home and shared folders, as well as print and connect to the Internet. RM Connector makes it simple for visitors to browse the Internet and print using their own notebooks too.

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How it Works

It's really easy to use; you simply browse to a web page and click on a link to download a small application onto your device. Once you've done this, the RM Connector icon appears on your desktop and you just click on it when you want to connect to the network.

When you've finished your session, you just click on the 'Disconnect' button and your device is disconnected from any printers it's connected to, Internet settings are reset, drives are unmapped and shortcuts are removed from the desktop.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email

Why it works for you

Acceptable use policy

An acceptable use policy is displayed each time you connect using RM Connector and you need to accept this before you can proceed. This means no-one can claim they weren't made aware of what is and isn't acceptable on your network.

Retain control

RM Connector enables you to meet the needs of all your users whilst still retaining control over your network as you can configure different resources for different users. Only authorised people will be able to access your network as your Community Connect username and password is required each time you want to use RM Connector. Your staff and learners can't get to any areas of the network they shouldn't be able to either as they only have access to the shared folders granted to them on their CC4 account.

Safe and secure

RM Connector reduces the threat of viruses being transferred onto your network as it checks for anti-virus software. RM Connector also checks whether anti-virus definitions are up to date and can refuse connections to devices that aren’t protected properly.

Easy use of printers

No matter where you are in the school, when you connect, users will be prompted to select their location within the site and drives to printers in their location will be mapped automatically.

Save time

Configure your devices to access your wireless network meaning you don't have to do it manually on each one. You also don’t have to have each device built on to your network, instead you can be up and running, accessing key resources, in minutes.

Supports BYOD

RM Connector lets you use Microsoft Windows devices on your network without any hassle, giving you the potential to more easily meet 1–1 device aspirations. You will also be able to allow students and staff to bring their own devices on to the network where appropriate.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email

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