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We are helping schools like yours to secure teaching jobs
by making savings of around 15% from their ongoing IT costs.

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Is your IT provision cost efficient,
safe, resilient and future-proofed?

The demand for technical innovation by pupils, parents and teachers is driving change in the
classroom and your strategic IT choices can bring great benefits but can also incur high costs,
both financially and strategically.

With the ever-increasing external threats to your data security, the imminent changes to GDPR (that could mean a severe financial penalty for non-compliant schools) and the increasing pressure on budgets, senior leadership teams need to demonstrate that their IT provision is cost-efficient, safe, resilient and future-proofed through professional IT management.

Having a small local team in charge of this critical responsibility feels like a really high expectation but RM Flex can provide the advice, experience and strategies that will help you improve ICT engagement, make the most of your current investment and save money.

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Save 15% on your
ongoing IT costs by

Having RM as your IT partner can bring significant cost savings, filling the gaps in your budget for the things you really need, like teachers.

By providing a full range of solutions, from low-cost services to upskill and improve your in-house support through to fully managed services, we can help you cut the costs and risks of your IT with a customised service that works to support your school goals, budget and outcomes.

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"I see outsourcing becoming a major trend, because schools can get back to focussing on school matters."

Kirsty Alderton
Director of ICT & Learning Technologies, The London Oratory School

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