What is
RM Inform?

RM Inform is an exciting new tool designed to help SLT members and network administrators understand how IT is being used in the school. By proactively monitoring your network and providing reports on performance and usage, it will help your IT support team to identify, prioritise and resolve issues before they affect teaching and learning.

The initial version of RM Inform will be free to use and have some great functionality that you can start using straight away.

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Key features

With the addition of an auditing and reporting module, RM Inform will let you analyse in detail how network resources are being used, see where IT resources are under most pressure, and identify underused resources that could be re-allocated. RM Inform will provide invaluable evidence to inform sound decisions on IT investment in new equipment or software.

Computer log on time

See average computer log on times across your network and dive deeper into the detail with a downloadable report. You can also see your log on times compared to a national average.

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  • Identify applications (with versions) installed across your network
  • Download a detailed report of key device information
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usage report

See which computers are most and least used on your network to identify whether you should move computers around where the need for IT is highest.

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Computers posing
a teaching and
learning risk

Identify devices which are most likely to cause a risk to teaching and learning so that you can intervene prior to an issue arising:

  • Computers with low RAM
  • Computers with low C: Drive space
  • Computers which haven't been seen in over 7 days
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Why it works for you

Senior leadership team
  • Ability to benchmark your technology provision vis-à-vis other schools
  • Easily see how technology is being embedded in the classroom
  • Visually see how long it takes for your students to login into learning.
  • Easy identification of underused computers
  • Save money with the re-allocation of computers and resources to areas most in need Software licence reporting to ensure compliance with legal requirements
  • Comparisons of data against other schools to see how your school is performing against a national average
Network manager
  • Monitors log-on times to enabling you to find and resolve login times exceeding the school average to ensure students’ lessons are not impacted.
  • Identifies computers at risk of running out of disk space
  • Flags computers with low RAM to enable proactive resolution before teaching and learning is interrupted.

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