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To access the free version of RM Inform, you must be a UK educational establishment and you must have a user account for both RM and RM Unify (both free).

Click to download the release notes for your network:

CC4 networks   Other Microsoft networks

Step 1

Create an RM account

If you already have an RM login, go to Step 2.

You’ll need your RM login details to register for RM Inform.

If not, please register at the RM login page.

Select the first option, 'I'm registering on behalf of a UK educational establishment', enter the email details for your school establishment, and click Register Now.

When you have received an email containing your login information, go to Step 2.

Step 2

Find your RM customer number

Log in to your RM account via My Account and note down your RM customer number.

You’ll find it next to your name in the top right of the screen, in the format yourname[customernumber]. You’ll need this when registering for RM Inform.

Step 3

Create an RM Unify account

  • If you already have an RM Unify login, allocate the RM Inform tile to Teachers and Non-Teachers (dashboards and roles) and then go to Step 4.

When prompted for a subscription option, you can choose RM Unify Basic, which is free. RM Inform simply uses this as a secure store for your user account details.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours for RM to verify your account.

When you receive an email with your RM Unify username and password, log in to RM Unify and allocate the RM Inform tile to Teachers and Non-Teachers (dashboards and roles) - for instructions, see p12 here - and then go to Step 4.

Step 4

Register for RM Inform

Note: We do not recommend accessing the RM Inform website from a domain controller. Do this from another computer on the domain.

  1. In the address bar of your browser, type where 'myschool' is the name of your school, and press Enter.
  2. Enter your RM Unify name and password.
  3. If your school is not yet registered, an RM Inform registration window will be shown. Simply check that the customer number matches the one you noted in Step 2 and click Register.
  4. Read and accept the end user licence agreement. A message is displayed informing you that your account has been confirmed.

You are now registered with RM Inform. Stay at this website to complete Step 5.

Step 5

Install the RM Inform Agent

The final task is to generate and run a Windows installer so that you can monitor the computers on your school's network. The installer is customised for your establishment.

You have 2 options:

Domain Installation

This generates an installer that you run once on the primary domain controller or CC4 First Server in your school. The RM Inform Agent is distributed automatically to every compatible Windows domain joined computer on your network, via a Windows GPO.

We strongly recommend Domain Installation, because it is quicker and easier, and uninstallation is also quicker and easier.

Single Computer Installation

This generates an installer that will allow you to set up RM Inform on each computer that you want to monitor.

When you click Generate, your browser downloads a small installer file.

  • If you choose Domain Installation, simply run this installer on the primary domain controller or CC4 First Server in your school network.
  • If you chose Single Computer Installation, run the installer on each computer manually.

Note that domain-joined computers must be restarted to complete the RM Inform Agent installation.

If you want to check that the installation was successful, see the Release Notes for instructions.

Using RM Inform

  1. Using a computer that is not a domain controller, browse to your school’s RM Inform website,
  2. If prompted, enter your RM Unify name and password.

You can now monitor your establishment’s IT usage and generate some reports.


For help, call us on: 0845 404 0000 or email

RM Education, 140 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 4SB

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