Remote access to your network areas

Specifically designed for education, RM Portico allows users to access their personal and shared directories from any internet browser, on any device, from anywhere inside or outside school.

By using RM Portico at home, students can get on with their homework without the need for USB devices to transfer files to and from school. To finish off a piece of work that they’ve started in class, students can access their network area and download their files at home. They can complete their homework and upload it to the network ready for the next day’s lesson.

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How it Works

Regardless of your network, users can access RM portico via a website using their network login credentials and depending on the access rights they have been given, they will then be able to download, upload, delete, copy, create and move files. Web based access means that both students and staff can have access to their mapped drives and network shares anytime, anywhere. Whether they are at home or at school, RM Portico has been developed to be compatible with a range of operating systems and browsers.

Why it works for you

Extend learning

Personal and network drives can be made available to students at any time, so they can carry on with their learning at a time, place and on a device that suits them; be that the local library computer or their smartphone on the bus.

Supports a wide range of technology

Regardless of the path your school decides to go down with technology in the school, RM Portico will work with all devices with a web browser. If you are unsure of rolling out just one type of device in your school or you already have a range of different devices that are used then RM Portico will not restrict you in any way.


Customisable log in screen means you are able to personalise to your school. Save time by only giving users access to the files that are relevant to them so they do not spend time browsing through a large number of files every time they use.

Supports BYOD

RM Portico provides the flexibility to allow users to use the same device both at school and home. They are able to bring a personal device in to school and access their files and folders securely without any intervention from the IT support team.


All data transfer is encypted so you can be sure that network securtity operates remotely as users must enter their username and password to access network resources as they would have to in school. Admins can manage the file extensions and size uploaded to your network to help ensure that no harmful files are submitted and there's also no need to worry about where data is being stored because all files are downloaded and uploaded straight to your school network - it's like having a personal cloud!

Control user access

Network manager or admin account has the ability to allow or restrict user access, define the types of files students are able to upload, configure file upload size and configure shared areas that should never be accesssed.

Easy to use

Simple interface makes it easy to use for both students and staff meaning that once the initial set up has been done, network manager or technician need to have very little involvement with the use of RM Portico.

Reduces disruption

With the ability to upload and download all of your work through RM Portico, lost or forgotten USB sticks are no longer an issue in class. This means that Students can access files instantly and less disruption will be caused during lesson time.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email

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