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Easy to trial, no commitment to purchase.

I don't currently have an RM Unify Licence

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I do have an RM Unify licence (without premium features)

Follow these instructions within RM Unify to start the free trial.

  • Go to the Management console
  • Click on the RM Unify subscription link and follow the upgrade instructions

Free trial FAQs

How long does the free trial licence run for?

The free trial licence will run for 3 months. After a month we will send you a renewal notice with the cost of moving onto an RM Unify premium licence.

What if I choose to upgrade to the RM Unify premium licence during the free trial period?

The free trial licence will end and will be replaced by the RM Unify premium licence.


What happens if I don’t choose the RM Unify premium licence?

If you are already using RM Unify, your licence remains but you will lose all the premium features

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