Complete anti-virus for Community Connect networks

Computer viruses can cause a great deal of disruption to the successful management and smooth running of the school network. The threat to the network is constantly increasing as new viruses are identified all the time. It is therefore important that all workstations and servers are covered to protect you from these threats. We are therefore able to offer RM Virus Protect to protect your Community Connect network.​​

How it Works

Based on Symantec endpoint protection, RM Virus protect has been designed specifically to deploy easily on and provide comprehensive protection for Community Connect networks.

RM works closely with Symantec's technical team to make sure the product works effectively in an educational environment. No other anti-virus product has been tested and validated in this way for use with RM networks. RM Virus Protect on your schools or colleges network is fully supported through the RM Customer Support team.​

Why it works for you

Validation and support

Anti-virus software is rarely developed with the particular demands of a curriculum network in mind. RM Virus Protect has been fully tested and validated with Community Connect to ensure optimum performance.

Home use licence for all students and staff

RM Virus Protect includes a licence for PCs personally owned by staff and students. This means that schools or colleges can ensure that all students and staff are fully protected from viruses on their home PCs.

Automatic virus repairs and alerts

The central quarantine allows the administrator to redirect all irreparable virus-infected files to a safe area. This feature strips sensitive data from the infected files, removes the viruses and prevents them from spreading throughout your school or college.

Class-leading virus protection

The Symantec Endpoint technology within RM Virus Protect provides continuous and unobtrusive background protection, scanning files automatically as they are opened, created, modified or run. The high performance scanning places minimal resource demands on your network.

Protects latest Operating Systems

We keep RM Virus Protect up to date to work with the latest operating systems. This means you are always protected whatever OS you decided to deploy in your school or college.

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