Trend Micro Cloud Security

As part of the Trend Micro Cloud, which is hosted and maintained by Trend Micro, the school will benefit from complete device protection with centralised control on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device platforms. Ensuring protection against common and unknown threats including ransomware, malware, spearfishing and many more. Included in Trend Micro Cloud is Hosted Email Security - a cloud based antispam filter that can be used with any mail server on premise, as well as Office 365 and G Suite.

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Trend Micro Guest Blog

by Martin Vlok
Security Consultant at Trend Micro

The education sector is increasingly looking to cloud platforms like Office 365 to improve staff productivity and teaching outcomes and reduce IT costs. But they should be wary of doing so without considering the cyber security implications. While Office 365’s built-in security works fine for many threats, it doesn’t stop everything...

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GDPR in UK schools & colleges

In November 2018 Trend Micro and RM Education commissioned research to find out how schools were dealing with the new rules around the General Data Protection Regulation. 156 individual schools and colleges responded, and the research has raised some interesting issues for schools and colleges.

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