School Modernisation


We tailor the pricing to you so that you are in control.

We’ll work with you to understand what you have already, what’s needed and what can be added later to build a lower total cost of ownership for a more flexible, reliable and secure set of systems.

“I know that when we select RM for something it will get done, and to me that’s value for money”.

Andrea West, Senior Finance and Operations Manager


A free tailored technology proposal based on your needs today, future goals and budget

How does it work?

  • We talk to you about your IT arrangements today, how they support your school or trust and what you feel you need from a solution forward.
  • We visit your school (or schools) and do a ‘learning walk’ with you, to understand your school, staff and pupils and how they together.
  • We present a proposal tailored to your specific needs, to suit your budget, and we answer any questions or queries you may have. We amend the proposal as appropriate.

It’s really that simple.

Clear and predictable payment plans in instalments, with no hidden charges

  • Don’t worry if you have existing contracts. We work with you to plan and organise any transitions.
  • When you work with RM, you will only make payments twice a year – a simple approach to help plan and manage your budget.
    • We will provide hardware to your school via specialist lease suppliers. You choose whether to own the hardware at the end of the lease, or to refresh your technology through further lease arrangements.
    • We will provide software, licensing and installation services to your school, paid for via subscription pricing.
  • You can make changes to arrangements as you grow and develop. Our services will change to suit your needs.

Potential savings

  • Significantly reduce the cost of new technology - As the leading IT provider for education in the UK, we leverage our close partnerships with Microsoft, HP, Google, CTouch, Aruba and others, to offer you highly competitive prices.
  • Reduced design, implementation and integration costs - Working with RM as a single supplier means you no longer need to work with multiple third parties. We often find ways of reducing customer spend by bringing together existing supplier contracts.
  • Minimise support costs - IT services from the cloud means we can quickly resolve the vast majority of issues remotely, so you you’re not losing time waiting for a visit from an engineer.
  • Leveraging government funding and technology buy-back schemes - We are always seeking to help you offset costs. Whenever we can use extra government funding or supplier buy-back schemes, we will incorporate these into our proposal and can even make the applications on your behalf.

It’s easy to exit at the end of a contract
(if you want to)

We will do all we can to make sure that the support and service we provide will mean that you want to partner with us long-term. However, should you wish to change provider at the end of the contract, there are no hidden clauses or costs. Your transition to a new provider will be straightforward because your IT infrastructure has been designed using industry standard technology, with expertise and care.

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