Trusted by 2000 schools
Access to 150 RM technical staff
Just £1,999 per year

How we help you

For just £1,999 per year, you can access the minds of highly trained and trusted RM technical staff who have many years’ expertise across a broad range of technologies. They are also highly experienced in the education sector meaning they have a deep understanding in both technical and educational systems.

Plus, you will benefit from time and cost savings; removing the need to procure or renew multiple individual support contracts for many of the technologies you use.

What’s included?

The following support services are included in the School Network Support Contract:

  • Remote diagnosis of faults and issues
  • Remote dial-in to resolve the issue
  • Advice on best practice
See a complete list of the supported technologies
In addition to support for the technologies listed, we also offer reasonable endeavours to support software.
Your access to the School Network Support Contract

With a School Network Support Contract you can contact us by:

  • Telephone
    Monday‐Friday 8:00‐18:00 (excluding public holidays)
  • RM web chat
    Monday‐Friday 8:00‐17:00 (excluding public holidays)
  • Online support
    Raise new or update existing calls online 24/7/365

Get in touch with us to discuss your
School Network Support

*Capped at 20 calls per year.

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