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The dangers of doing nothing

If your school has devices which are still running Windows 7 after January 14th 2020, you will be vulnerable to:

  • Cyber-attacks and viruses. Microsoft will not be providing any new security patches and as such, devices running Windows 7 will be at high risk of cyber-attacks. In addition, updates from most Anti-virus vendors will stop coming through, adding further risks to security breaches. It’s worth considering that cyber-attacks affect nearly 50% of UK establishments!¹
  • Additional costs. Older devices cost more money in maintenance, repairs and efficiency than new devices, in fact devices older than 4 years can cost small businesses (including schools) over £1,300 in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity when compared to new Windows devices².
  • Reduced productivity. Older devices run slower and with less battery life than newer models. For example, the latest recommended HP ProBook boots up in 23 seconds, up to 50 seconds faster than a 5 year old device!³. In addition, the latest HP ProBook has a battery life in excess of 10 hours, meaning no disruptions to your lessons.

Carry out an audit of your technology and identify the devices that will be affected. You’ll need to plan which can be upgraded to Windows 10 and which will need replacing. It’s worth considering if you need to replace your devices like for like, or if you can streamline your estate with cloud technologies.


Work out a timeline for making the necessary changes and plan to take action well in advance of the deadline. Even if it seems daunting, it’s better to start your planning late than not at all!


Before any upgrades or replacements happen, make sure you’ve backed up all your data, including anything stored locally on your devices.


Ensure your teachers and learners can get the maximum benefits out of your migration and use Windows 10 as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Maximise Value

Consider a range of options before replacing your hardware, whether that’s getting up to £100 cashback per device with the HP Trade in or spreading costs further with leasing.

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What are the options?

1. Upgrade your devices to Windows 10

You may be able to upgrade certain devices to Windows 10 which would cover you from security threats whilst not costing significant amounts of money. Your older hardware may not be compatible with Windows 10, get in touch with us below to discuss your estate and device compatibility.

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If your devices can’t support Windows 10 or will suffer significantly with performance as a result there are a few other options available. Even if you can upgrade the operating systems on your devices, it’s worth considering these as ways of improving productivity and/or saving money:

2. Purchase new Windows 10 compatible hardware

If your current hardware doesn’t support Windows 10, then you should look to replace your devices with new, tried and tested, Windows 10 laptops and desktops. Replacing older devices significantly increases performance and reduces risks of cyber-attacks. It’s not as expensive as you may think to purchase new devices; use our simple calculator below to see just how cost effective moving to Windows 10 can be.

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3. Look to the cloud

This is a great opportunity to rethink how your network is run, by migrating more of your data to the cloud you can significantly reduce costs in your school whilst taking advantage of the latest software, driving better collaboration and productivity in your school. RM have specially tailored services to help take away any worries and help you transition seamlessly. Talk to us about how you can make the most of the cloud using the button below.

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HP Trade in & Leasing
Save thousands on your migration costs!

Before you purchase anything, make sure you look into the HP Trade in and leasing as they can save your school thousands and still allow you to migrate your devices and infrastructure safely to Windows 10, later Server Operating Systems or the cloud, whatever your route.

The HP Trade in option allows you to purchase new HP Windows 10 compatible devices and receive up to £100 cash back when you trade in older hardware.

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Leasing can help you get 3x the amount of hardware for the same money or hardware at 1/3 of the yearly cost. By spreading your migration costs over 3 years, you can complete your transition, secure your network and not break the bank.

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¹Cyber security breaches survey 2017, main report, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute , April 2017. ²Small Business PC Study, TechAisle, 2016. ³Based on RM performance tests of the HP ProBook 450 G6 (i5-8265U, 8GB, 256GB NVMe™ SSD) vs. RM NB320 (i5-3210M, 4GB, 160GB HDD)

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