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Changes to the Schools Internet Service and other improvements

For many years now SWGfL has been working closely with RM Education (RM) to provide schools with a range of services that include the Schools Internet Service (SIS).

Together, we have worked hard to provide schools with the good quality services and products that they need at affordable prices. As part of this we also work on how we can continue to improve what we do and to broaden the range of offerings available to schools.

In order to continue this process SWGfL and RM are making changes to the SIS which are set out in this note. SWGfL has relied upon RM to provide the majority of the SIS service whilst it has continued to develop its internet safety and security products and services including training. In order to maintain and develop the SIS offering SWGfL has arranged for the transfer of SIS to RM for schools. The intention is that transfers will take place as individual contracts reach the end of their minimum term period.

SWGfL will continue to offer support where required. It will also focus on building and developing its already established internet security and safety offerings to include anti malware and anti exploit packages as well as self and supported reviews. SWGfL and RM will continue to work closely together.

The benefits to schools of the move to RM for SIS

The benefits of the move across to RM are numerous but include:

  • Improved account management and engagement, with a single organisation for queries and issues.
  • Improved reporting, with regular newsletters containing service specific information (e.g. service utilisation) as well as new product releases and other news.
  • Invitations to RM events (including technical seminars).
  • Reduced and simplified invoicing, with RM issuing the invoice for both the Core Service and the Optional Services.
  • Improved online support interface, replacing ESI with RM’s Support Online tool, allowing schools to access and log calls, changes and self-help information.

Any change is bound to result in a number of questions and possibly concerns. Here we have tried to anticipate those most frequently asked and to provide the answers. If you think that we have not answered fully or you have a different question or concern then please contact one of the teams detailed at the end of this note who will do all they can to help you.

What will change with my Schools Internet Service?

Unless you want it to (e.g. an upgrade), actual service and the charges will remain the same as before except that we will continue to improve as set out in this note.

The changes you will see are administrative: RM will invoice you for the Core Service, as well as the Optional Services; you will be in contract with RM, rather than SWGfL; and RM will provide your customer services and account management.

Can I upgrade my service?

There may be upgrade options, depending on the available telecommunications services.

Contact us to discuss your service directly.

When is my contract up for renewal?

Contact us to discuss your contract directly.

What will SWGfL be doing now?

SWGfL has built an enviable reputation over recent years in online safety and security in education. The demands for those products and services continues to increase and further products will be launched shortly, all focused on the needs of schools. SWGfL will continue to work closely with RM both in terms of supporting and assisting RM with SIS where required and working with RM to offer new services and products to assist and support schools. For more information, and to get news about our new products and services as soon as it’s released, sign up for our newsletter here.

What is the SIS Core Service?

The SIS Core Service is essentially the managed and supported connectivity provision, including:

  1. The connection itself (including ADSL, EFM, FttC, EoSFBB, FttP, Gigaclear Fibre, Fibre Leased Lines, Satellite and VPN, as well as backup ADSL and FttC);
  2. The upstream core network, providing high performance peering to key providers (e.g. Google, BBC, Janet) and IP transit links via dual resilient data centres;
  3. Network services, including managed IP and DNS, and managed routers;
  4. Essential Safety, ensuring that illegal content (IWF CAIC and online terror) is blocked on all SWGfL connections;
  5. Essential Security, combining enterprise-class firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention and a defence in depth approach for the benefit of all connected schools;
  6. Standards and processes, including ISO27001, incident management, and business continuity and disaster recovery, underpinning delivery of the Service;
  7. Support and technical services, including expert Service Desk available from 08.00 – 21.00 by phone and email. UK Service Desk supported by offshore team providing additional support and change resource out of hours;
  8. Change management, with technical change included at no additional charge and most changes completed within 24 hours; and
  9. Service management and monitoring, incorporating multiple platforms for service-wide monitoring, and user-driven reporting.
What are the SIS Optional Services?

The SIS Optional Services are additional features that schools can select to complement the Core Service and perform certain specific functions, including:

  1. Filtering, where RM SafetyNet Plus can be added to the Essential Safety provision to provide greater functionality, including locally-customisable filtering rules, user-based filtering and more advanced reporting;
  2. Web hosting, where schools can select from Windows or Linux-based webservers to host their sites;
  3. Email, allowing schools operating local email servers to obtain mail relay services;
  4. Hosted backup, providing schools with an offsite backup location;
  5. Managed DNS, configuring and maintaining DNS records for schools; and
  6. Secure remote access, providing an SSL VPN solution for secure external access to school systems.
More Information and Questions Answered

If you have any questions or issues and would like to talk to someone then please contact:

RM Education Service Delivery team
T: 01235 826060

SWGfL Service Delivery Team
T: 0345 601 3203

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