RM Vantage

A one-stop IT service that adapts and grows with your school

With 48 years experience in education, RM is uniquely placed to provide schools & trusts with a tailored, affordable and comprehensive technology solution that will continue to evolve with your needs.
RM Vantage features RM Vantage features

RM Vantage helps schools

Develop a better, yet affordable, IT strategy

We conduct a full free IT audit to develop a technology strategy to suit your budget, tailored to your school’s needs.

Avoid unpredictable costs

With no up-front spikes in price, we offer a fixed annual cost that includes installation, device refreshes, systems updates, plus ongoing training and support services.

Continually keep pace with technology enhancements

We will continually highlight and help implement valuable incremental changes, so that your pupils and wider school community harness the benefits of staying at the forefront of technology.

Improve staff skills and confidence with technology

Our online and face-to-face training modules help staff understand how best to use technology to save time and enhance working practices and teaching methods.

Enable remote working

Staff and pupils can reliably access the files and systems they need anywhere, anytime, and from their device of choice. From homework to online Parents’ Evenings, staff CPD and PPA time – no one is tied to working from school by outdated tech.

Increase staff efficiency

RM Vantage enables more opportunities for colleagues to collaborate. For example, teaching staff can more easily share and re-use content, or find another teacher’s plans to cover or re-purpose lessons.

Provide reliable and consistent connectivity

RM Vantage provides fast, reliable internet throughout the school, with single sign-on so your staff and students can quickly and securely access what they need.

Keep your systems secure

We continually monitor your systems, to keep your school secure and your data protected against external and internal threats with the latest threat protection software and services. You can be confident that your whole school community is working safely.

Get instant IT support

We are here at the click of a button to assist your internal IT team, or act as your IT team if you don’t have one. Remote IT support is available wherever you are working from, with engineers provided on-site when you need them most.

Spread the cost of new devices

You don’t just benefit from all that new technology has to offer, you spend less on maintenance and your users have a better service and experience.

“Because RM only work with schools, they truly understand what we need from technology.”

Eliza Hollis, Executive Headteacher, Forest Federation

“RM has assisted us in delivering world-class technology to our students, teachers and administration staff.”

Graham Jacklin, Facilities and IT Manager, WMG Academy

“This all-in-one solution is unique to RM... and the great advantage is that we have just one person to call for everything.”

Dan Lister, Chair of Governors, Forest Federation

See how RM Vantage can benefit your school (2 mins)

See how RM Vantage can benefit your school

Case studies

“Our servers were 8-9 years old and were getting full – yet no one knew what was on there. Technology had moved on, but we hadn’t. We simply did not have an IT strategy”.

Dan Lister,
Chair of Governors, Forest Federation

Read the case study 

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“For me, this came across as a solution-led proposal – not sales-led. It showed how staff could save time, freeing them up to do the rest of their job better”.

David Holmes,
Headteacher, Vickerstown High School

Read the case study 

Download PDF

Our Partners

Our school IT services are backed up by a range of educational and technology partnerships - adding strength and depth to our solutions.

Microsoft Partner Gold Google for Education Premier Partner HP Aruba
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Don't want the whole RM Vantage solution? No problem – just tell us what you need.

What's next?

It starts with a simple 5 step journey with us to
produce a free technology proposal...

It’s only by taking time to understand how your school and school community works that we’ll be able to deliver the technology that meets your needs, now and in the future. To create a proposal specifically for you, we have developed a simple, collaborative, five step journey. It’s completely free of charge.

RM Faq
Understanding your needs

Our first step is to have a conversation, either face to face, via video link or over the telephone.  The aim of the meeting will be to:

  • understand what you want technology to offer the whole school community and specific user groups
  • any technical challenges we may need to resolve
  • where you feel technology can most help you achieve your strategic school plan

At this stage of the journey, we will share our knowledge of where technology and services can support your school, and give you examples of how we have helped other schools with similar requirements.

RM Faq
Fact finding Learning Walk

Moving on from our initial meeting, we’ll visit your school to undertake a Learning Walk.

By taking a guided tour with you, we seek to understand your school’s:

  • values and approach to teaching and learning
  • systems and working practices

By speaking with a variety of staff we’ll build a picture of your:

  • core processes, needs, challenges
  • potential skills gaps
  • current technology infrastructure and usage

RM Faq
Developing the proposal

Following our discussions with you and your staff, and having reviewed the findings of the Learning Walk, we will work with our team of RM experts to create a proposal.

The proposal will cover many areas including, change management, training, support services, as well as new technology.

RM Faq
Proposal Presentation and Q&A

The next step is presenting our findings and proposal to you and your team. Following these discussions, we will make any necessary changes to suit your requirements and budgetary considerations.

RM Faq
Final Proposal and suggested Implementation Plan

At this point, if you are happy to proceed, we work with you to design a timely, smooth transition to the new service, to suit your school calendar and your teaching and learning needs.

... and continues with an ongoing relationship
when you decide to work with us.

How we support our customers

Your dedicated Service Manager is your main contact on a day-to-day basis.

They are totally focused on customer satisfaction
and aim to ensure you are delighted with the service being delivered.

Gilda Customer care

Gilda is one of our Service Managers.
She has a complete view of all calls and requests made by her customers and is there to ensure these are quickly resolved.

Your Service Manager is supported by a whole team of experts...

Our experienced educationalists who make sure we deliver the best services to schools.

A technology design team with education specialists.

Our close relationships with industry leading technology partners ensures we provide the best support.

A proactive team checking systems while you sleep.


Working within your budget from the largest MAT to the smallest village school.

Find out more

“I was looking for honesty. RM were very clear what it would cost, and we didn’t feel we would be hit with hidden charges. It felt like a partnership”.

Dan Lister,
Chair of Governors, Forest Federation


We’re RM. We’ve been helping education improve outcomes through innovative use of technology for 48 years.

We have evolved with you and adapted to your needs. Like you, we have changed over time. One thing that has never changed is that we only serve education.


years helping schools improve educational outcomes through technology.


monitoring and alerting, checking and fixing your IT systems before your school even opens for the day.


dedicated service manager supported by 100s of RM experts.


of customers in schools across the UK.

Our Accreditations

Working with RM Vantage you can be assured that you will receive a high quality service alongside our expertise and knowledge of supporting schools with their technology. Our school IT services are backed up by a range of educational and technology accreditations and partnerships.

Prince 2 BESA ISO 27001 Certification Europe Internet Watch Foundation Cyber Essentials ISO 9001:2015 Certification Europe
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Contact our experts to discuss your needs

01235 823 202*

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*Calls charged at a local rate

Don't want the whole RM Vantage solution? No problem – just tell us what you need.
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