We’ve put together a list of all the ways that we can help your school to save money both in the short term and as part of a longer term financial plan. Whether your school is affected by the budget changes brought in by the NFF or you could simply do with some extra funding to reinvest elsewhere, we can help.

IT support

Save on average £32,000*

If your school has more than one individual support contract to manage your technologies, or if you have recruited a number of IT experts to help provide all the skills you need, then it’s likely that you are spending more money on your IT support than you need to.

We can help by providing you with a choice of IT support services in one single flexible support contract that helps you ensure your IT provision is cost efficient, safe, resilient and future-proofed through professional IT management.

*Potential saving based on an average secondary school outsourcing their entire IT support.

Flexible IT support

Hybrid support services

Co-sourcing with RM supports your in-house team with the more basic and monotonous tasks, and expertise beyond their skillset so your technicians can get on with supporting IT in the classroom, while we ensure your network is robust and secure.

Fully managed IT

Get back to focusing on teaching and learning while we completely manage your IT for you, working to support your goals and targets. Our technicians will work in school when needed, complemented by remote support, to ensure your network is managed to the highest efficiency and standards.

Support for your onsite team

Our one simple, low cost support contract for your in-house IT team covers over 50 technologies, with additional options of proactive checks, external vulnerability scans and emergency response days. With an average response time of just 30 seconds before your team speak directly with a UK-based technical specialist and we are working on your issue.

RM Cloud

Moving your software and services to the cloud

The recent Department for Education White Paper on cloud computing services outlines some of the many ways in which moving to the cloud can save schools money.

  • Cost savings in terms of buying, leasing, and maintaining photocopiers and printers, ink cartridges, paper as well as operator time.
  • Reduction of the number of servers required for hosting.
  • Taking more advantage of "free" or lower-cost cloud software offered by major providers (for example Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365).
  • Reducing the traditional cost of supporting on-premise ICT across the school.

Download our guide to the Cloud

Make the
jump to
the Cloud

We can save you £30k
by moving to the Cloud

Moving your infrastructure and software to the Cloud can help you realise significant savings across your school or multi-academy trust while positively impacting on teaching and learning. Whether it's reducing printing costs, improving effective collaboration or not replacing expensive on-site servers, RM can support you on every step of your move to the Cloud.

Super-fast broadband for schools

Save up to £15,000

The building blocks, to connect, protect and excite your teachers and students.
As an education-only internet service provider (ISP) we provide a fully-managed service that is robust, comprehensive and cost effective.

With RM Broadband we can significantly reduce your broadband overheads
whilst still providing you with a connection that is 99.9% reliable.
We have helped many secondary schools save up to £15,000 based
on a three-year contract and primary schools up to £6,000.

RM Broadband

The fastest growing broadband supplier for schools in the UK

Reviewing your current connectivity contract to ensure you are receiving the most cost effective solution for your school is a great way to save money on your IT spend. With RM Broadband you can have an Internet service that is flexible, scalable and ensures value for money.

As an education-only internet service provider (ISP) we provide a fully managed service that is robust, comprehensive and complies with industry guidance. With accredited and customisable filtering as part of every connection, your staff and students are always protected, you meet the latest guidelines and benefit from a fully resilient, high speed and quality assured Internet service.

RM Integris

Change to a
Cloud based MIS

With RM Integris, every cost is included so you can easily see what you’re getting for your investment. You’ll also benefit from complementary products that will integrate seamlessly - access hundreds of cloud-based teaching resources and Office 365 with RM Unify.

to a cloud-based MIS

We can save you £32,000

Traditional management information systems use costly on-premise servers and only allow you to access your data from inside the school. Moving your MIS to the Cloud means you can access critical data wherever you are and save on expensive servers. We’ve helped primary schools moving their MIS to the Cloud save up to £3,000 over a 3 year period, and up to £32,000 for secondary schools.

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