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RM Education has many years of experience in change management and implementing new technologies and as a Google for Education Premier Partner, we can take the pain away by making your school’s journey to Google simple. From purchasing the end-user devices and associated management licences, through to the embedding of Google Apps for Education into the school.

We offer a comprehensive set of services, including: setup, training and support to help give your staff the skills and confidence they need. Our dedicated team of experts can advise you on how best to embrace and embed these services to support collaborative learning, regardless of how big or small your school or budget is.

Google for Education Partner Premier

Why choose RM and Google?

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Google’s easy to manage, affordable devices encourage learning on the go both inside and outside of the classroom. Chromebooks are easy to set up, and even easier to run, especially with the Google Chrome OS Management Console.
Teachers can have the confidence that they can walk into a classroom and just teach. As with all products in the RM Recommends range, you can be sure that your Chromebooks will be perfectly suited to education, with regards to design and build quality, performance and functionality.

After rigorous testing with the needs of the classroom at the forefront of our minds, RM Recommends HP Chromebooks. With build quality unmatched and specific education-focused ruggedised devices, combined with options of flip, touch and Android app compatibility on certain products and our range can meet your requirements. Utilising G Suite for Education will allow students and teachers to have all their resources in one place. Coupling G Suite for Education with RM Unify allows your students and teachers to have a seamlessly integrated experience, meaning students can learn just as well inside or outside of the classroom.

Chromebooks are not just devices to allow teachers and students to improve their teaching and learning experience, ICT and Network managers will be able to remotely manage a vast amount of devices with the Google Chrome OS Management Console. Add to this speedy setup times and lightning fast bootup times and Chromebooks become to complete device for the school environment.

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Asus Chromebox

Take advantage of the collaborative and affordable Chrome OS in the tiny Asus Chromebox. At a price point under £200 and with a large range of ports, means you lose none of the functionality and compatibility that you get with other desktops.

Manage your Google devices with the Chrome OS Management Console.

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