Shape the Future & Windows 10 Pro Education

Shape the Future Overview

Shape the Future is a Microsoft funded initiative, that allows eligible schools access to discounted education devices with a Windows 10 Pro Education OS. This is available to all primary and secondary publicly funded schools, and a Letter of Eligibility is required to order these devices. Individual schools can obtain this by entering a valid school email address at the following link.

Manual Registration

If the STF link doesn’t work, they can apply for a manual LOE directly. They need to contact with the following information:

  • School name
  • Customer domain
  • Customer name
  • Customer's school email address
  • School address
  • DFE number
  • Screen shot of the error message

Trust/LA Registration

RM can register Trusts and LA’s for STF if we have the following information:

  • LA’s/Trust name:
  • Customer domain (in SLC’s case was
  • Customer contact name

  • Details of the schools within the Trust
  • And a letter attached from the customer confirming that they’d like RM to do this on their behalf and that it’s only for educational establishments.

Windows 10 Pro Education

Windows 10 Pro Education is Pro tuned to the Education Market. Microsoft remove Cortana, adapt the view to Microsoft Store for Apps that are more age specific, remove ads from the start bar, from other areas of the load. In essence it's a cleaner and more Education user friendly OS, one to build on not wipe and install. They support Windows Configuration Designer and the 'set up my school pc app' that allows IT admin to build on the OS rather than have to install an image. As it’s a Windows 10 Pro version it lights up AAD (domain joining) and can be used with AutoPilot without other intervention.

Below is the comparison of Windows 10 Pro Education:

Windows 10 Pro Education delivers the right experience for the classroom

STF builds on Windows 10 Pro and provides the management controls needed in schools

  • Defaults configure UI features (e.g. disable app suggestions and lock screen spolight) - no app suggestions for games such as Gears of War
  • STF comes with education-specific default settings for K-12 education IT environments
  • Defaults remove Cortana as Cortana cannot be configured to remove the sponsored content in Pro/Home

New features include

  • Simplified provisioning (Set up School PCs app or Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer)
  • Easier delivery of digital assessment with Take a Test app
  • Faster log in performance for shared devices using AAD
OEM Pre-install

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro EDU

Windows 10 Home

Lock screen spotlight and overlayLock screen spotlight and overlay

Lock screen spotlight and overlayStart menu app suggestions and pre-installed apps on Start screen

Lock screen spotlight and overlayTaskbar suggestions and Windows Tips

Not manageable (Control over 3rd party content by policy)


  1. Does not light up AAD
  2. Requires an extra step to convert Home to Pro utilizing VL
  3. No autopilot
  4. Not as secure

Lock screen spotlight and overlayMicrosoft account notifications



Lock screen spotlight and overlayWindows Store



Lock screen spotlight and overlayCortana



Lock screen spotlight and overlayEdge homepage suggestions



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