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RM Cloud Backup

A cloud based backup solution utilising your current backup software Veeam or Veritas and Microsoft Azure’s cloud storage. We will also be providing services to help set up, configure and manage your back up to the cloud. These services will be flexible to allow you to choose what data is backed up and how long it is kept there for.

Automatic CC4 AD provisioning

We are developing a network provisioning tool for CC4 for release later this year. Using your MIS as a data source, you will be able to manage CC4 accounts automatically.

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix the working title for our auditing and reporting tool that helps to monitor your school network, will give you clear metrics to make sure that your IT is working. It will analyse the data on your network so that you can see where there are potential issues, where your IT is being used and give you the data to make informed decisions about your IT. The product will also provide you with granular detail on what applications and stations have been accessed by individual users.

OneDrive MappingTool for CC4

The RM OneDrive Mapper will allow users to have their Office 365 OneDrive folder appear as a mapped drive on their computer. The advantage of this being that users can access files from and save files to their OneDrive without having to open their browser and enter their password every time. This mapping tool will be available to CC4 sites with a CC4.5 licence in place. Any sites without the required licencing can purchase a CC4.5 upgrade licence.

Available now

Windows 10 on CC4

Windows 10 for CC4 has now been released and is available to all customers with a CC4.5 licence. To access the download please look for CC4 Win10 Client in your download area within My Account. This client pack does not include the required Microsoft licences so you will need to ensure you have these in place prior to starting your deployment.

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