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Network management,
reporting and security tools

IT systems and networks can be complicated. The configuration, installation and management of those networks is essential to smooth running IT throughout your school. You need to know that you can identify and fix issues quickly to avoid time lost in the classroom, you need to know that your devices and network is safe from intrusion and you need to know what is happening on your network.

We offer a suite of tools to help you manage, monitor and secure your network, the type of tools you need will differ based on the size of your technical team and the technical expertise within it.

Why it works for you


We will work with you to ensure you have the right tools for the expertise and size of your technical teams, ensuring that your network is efficient and affordable.


We have solutions that enable you to manage all your Apple, Google and Microsoft devices, allowing your teachers to use the resources they need, whenever they need it.

Teaching and learning

A well-managed network means that IT in the classroom just works, with pupils and teachers having access to everything they need – first time.


Our industry standard security solutions ensure that your network remains secure from viruses and intrusion. As well as the general security issues that you face, we also have an understanding of the education specific issues that schools face and have a range of solutions tailored to meet these needs.


Regardless of the type of network and devices you have - we have the tools to help you manage and monitor your network in the most effective way.


Our award winning support enables you to have a single support contract for all of your supported technology, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it.

Many, many years of excellent support. A real understanding of the issues facing school networks.

M. Gingell - ICT Communications Chesham Park Community College

Our Products

Network management

RM Community Connect 4 (CC4)

CC4 is a flexible network management tool set that allows IT staff to manage your network users, computers and applications from a single point. This enables you to access network information and manage network resources quickly, easily and effectively. Easily tailor users’ desktops and access rights so that you provide a secure learning environment for your students.

Based on Microsoft Windows Server technology it is industry standard so you can add tools from RM Education and other vendors to tailor your network to meet the unique needs of your school.

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Microsoft networks

We can provide consultation, design, licensing, installation, configuration, services and support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to ensure that you build the solution that is right for your school. We can help integrate your Microsoft network with Office 365 and Mobile Device Management Solutions such as Microsoft Intune.

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Mobile device management

Platform agnostic tools to manage different types of devices on your network.

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management

Lightspeed mobile manager is hosted in the cloud and simple to use. Mobile manager is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android and Mac OS meaning that whether you have one or all of these technologies in your school, you are able to manage them all from one central interface.

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Remote access

CC4 Access

CC4 Access is a low cost secure remote access solution for CC4 networks for up to 100 concurrent users on a virtualised network and up to 10 on a physical server.

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Everything is faster, stability is better, there's less down time and we are less stressed, everybody wins.

Alistair Hetherington - Network Manager, Longbenton Community College

Our Modules

Skills and CPD
Skills and CPD

CPD and training to give your staff the confidence and skills to use IT in their lessons and make the most of technology available.

Infrastructure, hardware and devices

Hardware to manage the flow of data across your network. Devices to help engage and inspire your staff and students to innovate, share and collaborate.

Servers, storage and backup
Servers, storage and backup

Make the most of technological advances to reduce ongoing costs and the efficiency of your IT.


Wireless to ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources.

Network management, reporting and  security tools
Network management, reporting and security tools

A range of tools to support teaching and learning, extend network access and keep your network and children safe and secure.

Cloud technologies
Cloud technologies

Harness cloud technologies to reduce the amount of hardware you need in your school, save money on ongoing costs whilst increasing accessibility and collaboration.

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