Ruckus Unleashed
Controllerless Wireless

With tightening budgets and IT resources available to schools, Ruckus Unleashed provides a controller-less wireless solution that allows you to reduce your up-front costs as separate controllers and access point licences are no longer required.

Ruckus Unleashed is perfect for schools who are interested in providing high performance Wi-Fi at an affordable price. With 802.11ac Ruckus Unleashed access points (AP), staff and students can take advantage of higher speeds, better coverage, and improved reliability.

With a simplified web interface, deploying Unleased is very easy. Configured in 60 seconds and deployed in minutes, Ruckus Unleashed eliminates the complexity of a controller-based WLAN.

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With Ruckus it is just set and forget; as zero day to day support is required

Richard Puttnam - Network & Systems Manager, Gascoigne Primary School

Why it works for you

An investment that lasts
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership
  • Deploy fewer access points for better coverage
  • No access point licences or controller costs required
  • Easy to migrate to a larger solution, if required, to meet the growing needs of your school
Higher performance Wi-Fi
  • Delivers an optimal wireless experience for your staff and students
  • Keeps Wi-Fi available even during broadband downtime
  • Provides a reliable and resilient network with standby access point functionality
  • Increase network performance and capacity with Ruckus technologies such as BeamFlex+ and ChannelFly
  • Deliver a reliable and resilient network with redundant control and management
Easy deployment
  • Easily deploy up to 25 access points with little to no IT support required
  • Simplify the deployment and operation of your schools’ wireless network
  • Ruckus Unleashed can be configured in seconds and deployed in minutes
Simple management
  • Provides your school with a reliable network with optional services such as guest access available
  • Reduce impact on IT with controller-less environment
  • Supports a single location deployment of up to 25 APs or 512 Wi-Fi concurrent devices

Help & guidance

Ruckus technology

Ruckus technology

BeamFlex and ChannelFly


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Ruckus Unleashed


Ruckus videos

Ruckus' Unleashed videos

Unleashed deployment and setting up guest access.


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