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Skills and CPD

Now that technology is a common part of teaching and learning it can be difficult to decide what will have a positive impact on the classroom and not be a distraction. We offer a number of different options for classroom management and can provide you with the training and support to implement these tools into the classroom.

You can be confident that your staff feel empowered to embrace the positive impact technology can have through encouraging collaboration and sharing of work across the school. RM can help to ensure that the technology in your classroom just works and allows you to use it as an aid to teaching and learning.

Why it works for you


Whether you are looking to make the most of the technology you already have in the classroom or looking to implement something new we can work with you to make sure this is done in the most cost effective way..


Regardless of the ecosystem you choose for your classroom we can help. We work with Apple, Google and Microsoft and have the relevant knowledge to support you with implementing your preferred system.

Teaching and learning

From the devices you provide in the classroom through to training that will provide your staff with the skills to use this technology to its full potential. We offer a range of different solutions that can support teaching and learning.


We can work with you to ensure that whatever IT you chose to support your teaching and learning, it will fit in with your existing Safeguarding policies in the school and give you the confidence that your students are using IT safely.


Your IT becomes less of a disruption in the classroom as it just works. We will support you with the implementation and management of your chosen technology in the classroom so that when it comes to the time you need to use in lesson it is just ready to go.


We will work with you to understand what your requirements are, we will assess what your current resources are and how this can be improved. We can provide CPD and implementation services to enable you to make the most of your IT investment.

Many, many years of excellent support. A real understanding of the issues facing school networks.

M. Gingell - ICT Communications Chesham Park Community College

Our Products

CPD and consultancy

Tailored CPD and consultancy to suit your individual school needs so that you can make the most of your investment in technology and improve the outcomes for learners. Whether you have made the decision to implement a new technology within the school or you would like support in embedding existing technology, we work in partnership with you to ensure that the CPD you put in place is right for you.

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Technical training

We offer a wide range of technical training courses aimed at network managers, accredited by the CPD Certification Service. These have been designed to leave network managers confident in supporting the teachers and pupils in your school and to maximise the use of your ICT tools

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Free CPD Seminars

A free day of CPD training based on a range of topic areas that keep you up to date with the latest network management best practice and allow you to network with like-minded technical peers. We also offer an educational stream of seminars that aim to explore a wide range of topics, from developing an outstanding e-safety strategy, to creating memorable lessons with learning technologies from Apple, Google and Microsoft and more.

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Classroom Collaboration Tools


With the large amount of educational apps and books available, it is easy to personalise your student’s device with material that fits their level and learning style. With iTunes U, you can deliver lessons simply and allow students to collaborate both during and after the lesson has finished. iBooks author allows students to create their own professional looking books in a matter of minutes and publish them online.

Our APD trainers can ensure you make the most of your investment in Apple.

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Google Apps for Education

Within the Google Apps for Education suite there are a number of tools that encourage communication and collaboration for staff and students. Google Classroom allows teachers to create assignments, set due dates and provide feedback to students in real time.

We can help you get started with Google, from setting up your tenancy and users, right through to fully embedding it across the school.

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Microsoft Office 365 supports both formal and informal learning and increases collaboration in and out of the classroom with anytime, anywhere access to Microsoft application tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote).

Our training and migration services can help you make the most of these free tools.

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Everything is faster, stability is better, there's less down time and we are less stressed, everybody wins.

Alistair Hetherington - Network Manager, Longbenton Community College

Our Modules

Skills and CPD
Skills and CPD

CPD and training to give your staff the confidence and skills to use IT in their lessons and make the most of technology available.

Infrastructure, hardware and devices

Hardware to manage the flow of data across your network. Devices to help engage and inspire your staff and students to innovate, share and collaborate.

Servers, storage and backup
Servers, storage and backup

Make the most of technological advances to reduce ongoing costs and the efficiency of your IT.


Wireless to ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources.

Network management, reporting and  security tools
Network management, reporting and security tools

A range of tools to support teaching and learning, extend network access and keep your network and children safe and secure.

Cloud technologies
Cloud technologies

Harness cloud technologies to reduce the amount of hardware you need in your school, save money on ongoing costs whilst increasing accessibility and collaboration.

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