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Strategy: Who is legally responsible for safeguarding in your trust?

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Strategy: Do you have a central strategy for online safeguarding across the trust and are all of your academies aware of the strategy and made to adhere to it?

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Strategy: Do you have a MAT Designated Safeguarding Lead who works closely with all academies?

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Policy: Is there an overarching set of current policies that cover all aspects of online safeguarding including online bullying?

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Policy: Do your Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) reflect the behavioural ethos of your organisation and its wider communities?

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Filtering and monitoring: How do your academies monitor online behaviour?

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Reporting: Are there clear incident management procedures that your academies can use for dealing with online safety-related incidents?

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Information, advice and guidance: Are you aware of key issues in your academies and your school communities?

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Training: Do you provide online safeguarding training in addition to safeguarding awareness?

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