• We manage our own
    threats and have
    the expertise and
    experience to help
    you manage yours.

    We’ve defended our schools from 80 DDoS attacks in 2017. The longest single attack lasted 8 hours. We’ve had five attacks in the last year over 10Gbps, including two of ~18Gbps.

  • We are a Gold
    Microsoft Certified
    Partner with
    competencies in
    productivity and
  • ISO accreditations

    We have ISO27001 and Cyber Essential certifications - meaning we keep our customers' data safe and secure.

  • We believe
    simplicity is key

    Keeping your data in as few places as possible makes it easier to manage and easier to keep secure. With RM Integris, RM Unify, RM Broadband, RM SafetyNet and our range of trusted apps, your data is in as few places as possible.

“With 600 clients on the network it seemed a
daunting task to migrate to Trend Micro. With just
under 200 clients left to migrate we are confident
to achieve full deployment in around two weeks.
I am both pleasantly surprised and relieved by
how well the migration is going.”

Adrian Hill - Network Manager, Redruth School

Policies &

We have tools that can help you review your current policies and practices and make necessary changes to ensure compliance with online safety and GDPR regulations.

Education &

We offer staff training and consultancy services to help educate your staff on some of the risks associated with cyber security and ways to prevent malicious attacks or data breaches.

How can
we help?

We have a range of software and services below designed to help you implement a whole school approach to security.
Infrastructure &

We partner with the leading security experts to offer the best breed of security solutions, as well as offering a number of our data management solutions which will allow you to keep your data in as few places as possible.

Trend Micro

We have partnered with global security experts, Trend Micro, to deliver the best-in-class security services for schools.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro has been committed to making the world safe for exchanging digital information for 30 years – security is the company’s entire focus. We have partnered with Trend Micro as we believe the security services they have available to schools are unmatched anywhere in the market and their deep level of knowledge means that they will continue to grow and develop their services as the threat landscape continues to change.


RM have partnered with Fortinet, a leader in the UK Education Sector committed to addressing a range of security issues spanning the entire breadth of a network from Internet of Things to the Cloud.


In the classroom, walking along a corridor, outside on the field, Fortinet protects student and staff sensitive data 24/7 with:

  • Comprehensive Security: Industry's most advanced network security platform
  • Secure unified access for all users
  • Access Control: Full access and network control for student owned devices (BYOD)
  • Web filtering: Block student access to adult content and malicious websites
  • Application control: Policy-based control over any application usage
  • No Surprises: Complete feature-set without hidden license fees
  • Real-time Security Services: Up to date security


Critical to making sure that your network is secure is ensuring that your technical team are confident in the security and technology functionality in your school. Whether this is by providing training for your in-house team or investing in an external support service, we can help.


RM Support acts as an extension to your in-house technical team to ensure they have the expertise to keep your data and network secure and a number to call when they need support from RM’s accredited experts in over 50 technologies.

GDPR Support Bundle

We know that when it comes to the new GDPR regulations, it can be a minefield trying to work out where your data is currently stored and the next steps to take to ensure compliance. In order to help you to navigate this, we have put together a specifically designed GDPR Support Bundle, with tools to help you to review your current compliance and put actions in place to help improve this.

GDPR Support Bundle

Our GDPR Support Bundle include access to a 360Data review tool, GDPR training for up 25 members of staff and access to a phishing simulation service.

Office 365
Security Services

Microsoft Office 365 is a secure platform that is available for free for UK educational establishments. Whilst it is easy to set up and get going on the platform – it is a little harder to ensure that all the correct settings and alerts are established to ensure you have the security at a level that you are comfortable with.

Office 365
Security Services

We offer a range of services that can help you secure your Office 365 platform, as well as protect your user identities and their data from potential threats.

External Vulnerability Scanning

RM Education will scan your internet facing IT systems for known vulnerabilities that hackers could use to access your network, data and internal systems.

External Vulnerability Scanning

A security trained RM support engineer will then provide you with a written report detailing any key vulnerabilities found to exist on your internet facing devices within your school environment. Prioritised in severity order, using the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS), the written report will highlight and explain what actions will reduce the highest levels of exposure and loss and next steps.

An additional follow up scan allows you to check that your remedial actions have been successful.

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